Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Season Handicap Betting 2023/24

The football leagues begin their 2023/24 seasons this week, so you know what that means.

Yes - it's the annual post where I show you what season handicap bets I have done.

Firstly - if you don't have a clue what I am on about, I suggest you read THIS THREAD OF POSTS and it should lead you on the road to a better understanding. 

Just like I have been doing recently, I have simply ranked all the teams in the order they appear in the outright betting markets, applied the 'average points' to each team based on the position they are expected to finish and then added the handicap points to sort out my own handicap table.

Season Handicap Betting 2023/24: League 2

Season Handicap Betting 2023/24: League 1

Season Handicap Betting 2023/24: Championship

Season Handicap Betting 2023/24: Premier League

My Bets
I placed my bets yesterday. I did the same thing I have tended to do recently by looking at the top four teams in each list and then handpicked one from each.

The route I took for each league was to select the team with the most points. I am betting each-way and, seeing as they pay to four places, I have to hope they at least come in fourth when all is said and done.

In League 2, I have opted for Gillingham with a ten-point head-start. Then, for League 1, I have backed Barnsley +5. Middlesbrough - with +8 - is next up for the Championship followed by Everton who will start the year with forty-eight points in the Premier League.

I've placed one Lucky 15 bet (15p each-way a line making it £4.50) and then placed £1 each-way singles on the four teams.

A total of £12.50 has been spent this year. Here's a copy of my receipt for the Lucky 15.

Season Handicap Bet 2023/24

As usual, I will return with a look back once all of these leagues have completed their seasons next summer.

Don't forget the important thing about these wagers: they are done for fun. 

I have lost way more on these than I have ever won. They are done to have something to follow during the season and if I make any wins out of them then it'll be an added bonus.

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