Friday, August 18, 2023

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bars

In May of 2012, I wrote about eating a breakfast cereal bearing the Lion Bar logo.

I wasn't particularly happy with the product noting that I was unlikely to eat any more after tasting a bowl of it.

I've kept to that promise. I have not eaten a bowl of Lion cereal since. However, I have eaten something else in the Lion breakfast line.

This morning, I had one of these:

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar

It was a breakfast cereal bar. Just like those Kellogg's bars - made from  Frosties, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops - they have bits of cereal combined together with a hard white layer underneath. 

Of those three Kellogg's branded bars, I love Frosties, have Rice Krispies if I am in the mood and rarely go for the Coco Pops one.

Therefore, I believe I have established that I am not a fan of the chocolate-tasting cereal bars. 

To be quite fair - I thought this Lion breakfast bar tasted much better than the Coco Pops and could give Rice Krispies a good fight. It wouldn't win a head-to-head against Frosties, though.

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar

In 2012, I closed the post by joked about sticking to the unhealthier option of a proper Lion Bar instead of a bowl of the Lion breakfast cereal. I suppose a Lion Breakfast Bar is a fair alternative to both!

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar

I didn't dislike the bar as much as I wasn't keen on the cereal all those years ago. I would try one of these again.

Considering they come in a box of six, that's kind of obvious. However, what I mean is - if I do see them in the shops again, I would likely buy another box to stock up for mornings when I am in a rush or not in the mood to have a proper bowl of cereal.

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