Friday, April 21, 2023

#WhatTheFanta '23

I recently noticed that Fanta is once again doing its guess the flavour promotion, so - as soon as I saw a bottle in the shop - I bought one to drink the first sip 'live' in today's post.

I had tried the #WhatTheFanta drinks in 2020 and last year. In each of those years, there were three different flavours in the promotion.

In 2020, the drink was a green colour. I guessed that the flavour was 'Green Apple without sugar'. My bottle turned out to be Apple and Lychee. The other two flavours were: apple, lemon and cactus or apple, watermelon and banana (I thank the stars I didn't try that one).

The 2022 version was pink. I guessed it was Turkish delight. However, it appears as though I picked up another lychee drink because it was pineapple and lychee.

Onto 2023 and we now have a purple offering.

#WhatTheFanta 2023

I have poured some into a cup..

Upon taking a sniff, it does have a familiar aroma but I cannot place what it is. 

After the first sip, I once again have a familiar sensation as if I've tasted something with this flavour before. However, I cannot put my finger on it. 

<Minutes Later>

I've now finished the cup. I might be way off on this, but I think it's toffee apple. The smell and taste both remind me of the coating (I think!).

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