Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The King Journey Arrives At A New Decade

I am currently reading Stephen King's collection of novellas - Four Past Midnight - in my quest to read all of the author's work from his first published novel - Carrie - right through to today.

Four Past Midnight is significant in my journey because it was the first title to be released in the 1990s.

Stephen King's Four Past Midnight

The first novella - of the four included in this book - is The Langoliers. I finished reading shortly before writing this post.

It's a horror/thriller story about passengers on a plane who wake up to find most of their co-passengers, and even the flight crew, have vanished. 

As I've written in previous posts about King, my favourite novel of his - so far(?) - is The Stand. I kind of had The Stand vibes reading this one because it focuses on a group of mismatched characters forced to team up to survive in a changed world. 

I give it a strong three to four stars. My final verdict will depend on how I find the rest of the book.

I haven't read what the remaining three stories are in the collection, if they're as good as The Langoliers then it could be another four star title.

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