Sunday, April 23, 2023

Barry Humphries (And His Many Creations) Passes Away

Another celebrity passed away yesterday.

Barry Humphries, who famously dressed as the Australian Dame Edna Everage - died at the age of eighty-nine years old.

Dame Edna was brilliant. The act was on numerous TV projects during my childhood and beyond. 

Dame Edna

I'll always remember seeing an out of character Humphries being interviewed on a talk show when I was young and my father shedding light on the fact 'that's the man who is Dame Edna'.

She wasn't the only character Humphries dressed up as. There was also Sir Les Patterson, who was the yang to Everage's ying. 

Sir Les Patterson

The coincidence that this world has lost both Lily Savage and Dame Edna within weeks of each other is not lost on me.

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