Friday, December 16, 2022

Eyes On The Final

I am looking forward to the World Cup Final on Sunday.

It's should be a good one. Emphasis on the word 'should' because - on paper - they're close to evenly matched. 

In regards to which team I believe will win, I am stuck. Even when I consider the team I would like to win, I find myself making a case for both sides.

On one hand, I would like to see Lionel Messi finally win the big one in national football. He for sure deserves such an accolade and this is - to be quite frank - possibly his last roll of the dice considering he will be turning thirty-nine around the time of the next World Cup tournament. 

Seeing Argentina win the World Cup would be cool for another few reasons.

I've written about how Mexico 1986 was the tournament which was the launchpad which got me interested in football. It would be cool to see images of Lionel Messi lifting the trophy becoming as iconic as the one of Diego Maradona doing it.

The fact that Diego Maradona passed a little over two years ago is also not lost in my thoughts on why it would be nice for Argentina to win on Sunday.

As for France - they're the World Champions, so it would be nice to see back-to-back winners.

There are a lot of class players on that French side. 

I'll be happy to see either side win, but I suppose - going by what I've written above - the most satisfactory story is in an Argie win.

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