Thursday, September 15, 2022

Predicting The TNF Week 2 Winners (2022)

There is some good and bad when it comes to last week's spreadsheet results from the first Thursday game of the 2022 NFL season.

The good: it went 2-0 with correct plays on the Buffalo Bills as -2.5 favourites over the Los Angeles Rams and on the game's total to fall below fifty-two points.

Buffalo won 31-10. 

Now, onto the bad, or - the most cautious: the spreadsheet went 2-0 for the first Thursday game of the 2021 season and then fell off after that.

Tonight is the official return of Thursday Night Football (the season Kick Off is on NBC). It'll see the Chargers travel to Kansas City to take on their AFC West rivals - the Chiefs.

The spreadsheet has the home team winning by eight points and for the total number of points to be fifty-four.

TNF Weekly (Week 2 2022)

With the point-spread line with the Chiefs as four-point favourites, that would be the pick. However, in regard to the total, the line is also at fifty-four and that means it's a pass for the total.

Recommended Play
Kansas City -4

Here are some notes I made while looking through a database of results from this meeting between 2000 and 2021.
  • The Chiefs are 12-9 straight up in home games against the Chargers
  • As favourites, the Chiefs are 3-6-2 against the spread at home 
  • The last time the Chiefs were -4 home favourites against the Chargers, they lost 28-29 (2018 season)
  • Chiefs are 3-3-2 when favoured by four points or less
Other than the spreadsheet result, nothing else would have convinced me to go with Kansas City were I to have considered gambling on this fixture.

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