Sunday, May 29, 2022

Wham And Fruit Salad Water

If you visited a corner shop, or any shop which sells sweets for that matter, at any point since the early 1980's, you're bound to have came across Wham bars and Fruit Salad sweets.

While doing my shopping on the Iceland website the other day, I noticed that Barratt - the makers of the sweets - have started to produce still spring water bearing the Wham and Fruit Salad logos.

I immediately added them to my order. I had to try them. 

Wham and Fruit Salad Water

Here's how it went.

The water had a raspberry taste, but did not remind me in any way of Wham bars. There is something I would have done to try and make it somewhat reminiscent of the bar.

You know there are fizzy bits in the bar? They should have made the water fizzy rather than still. I know it wouldn't have made any difference to the flavour but it would have mildly related a little more to what a Wham bar is all about.

Fruit Salad
A long time ago, on a drunken night out far far away, my friends and I were offered sample shots of vodka by a barman who had created his own drink. He wanted us to try what he had made. As soon as I tasted the drink, I knew what it was - Fruit Salad! 

To cut a long story short, we ended up buying more shots and emptied the bottle. 

Back to 2022 - this Fruit Salad water misses. If I were to blindly sample a glass of this water, just like I had with the vodka all those years ago, I would have simply guessed that it was 'pineapple flavoured water' because the pineapple overpowers the raspberry that it is combined with.

At the risk of sounding rude, I just burped as I was typing the above paragraph. The aftertaste seemed more like Fruit Salad than the drink does.

I was let down by both drinks. In my opinion, the only relation these waters have with the sweets are the packaging. Unless we're going to count the burp/aftertaste I experienced with the Fruit Salad.

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