Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Owen's Liverpool Opinion

It has been almost three days since Real Madrid beat Liverpool to claim the Champions League trophy and I'm still trying to understand something Michael Owens said while the celebrations were going on.

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid player was one of the pundits brought in by BT Sport to add insight into the game. During the post-game talk, Owen shared his opinion that Liverpool is the best team in Europe.

Yes, Liverpool - the team which had just lost to Real Madrid moments earlier - is, in Owen's world, the best team in Europe.

You could not write comedy as good as that.

Liverpool, who missed the Premier League title by one-point to Manchester City, is not even the best team in England going by their failure to win the league.

Okay, so let's go with their cup record.

The Reds won the league cup and FA Cup in 2021/22. However, both finals were won on penalties - the coin toss of soccer. If you cannot beat teams in regular time, or even extra time, you aren't that great.

But that's my opinion and the pundit is obviously welcome to his. 

Michael Owen. What a plonker.

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