Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Waiting To See Home & Away's New Neighbour

With Neighbours coming to an end over the summer, I can't help but wonder what will become of some of the actors on the soap.

One of the big questions I have, because I am sure it is going to happen, is which of the current cast will end up making their way to Home and Away first?

It's bound to happen. If I were a bookmaker, it would be a market I'd consider pricing up. Obviously, there would be some important rules involved like the person you're betting on has to be a member of the Neighbours cast at the time of the wager being struck and they'll only be settled as soon as that actor makes their appearance on the other programme. 

I don't even know who would be my favourite. I'd possibly leave the main names, like Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) and Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), in the middle of my list.

Ryan Moloney - who has played Toadfish since 1995 - strikes me as someone who would be a perfect fit for Home and Away.

To be fair - they're all soap stars, so they all would be perfect. It's just that I can see Moloney hanging around Summer Bay more than I could any of the cast members I have listed in front of me.

It's still such a shame to see Neighbours end in this fashion.

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