Monday, January 17, 2022

How My DFS Wild Card Teams Performed (2021 Season)

Here's how the daily fantasy teams I entered into a couple of contests over wild card weekend performed. 

Saturday's Result
The team finished off with a total of 111.66 points. It looks like I missed the cut by 5.8 points, which is a kick in the teeth.

DFS Wild Card Round 2021 Season (Saturday)

It finished in 83,721st place out of 238,095 entries.

Sunday's Result
Sunday's team performed even worse. It picked up 73.94 points.

Wild Card Week 2021 Season Sunday DFS Results

It should go without saying that the team was way off the cut. It looks like I needed to reach at least 113.44 to make anything back.

The finishing position - out of 238,095 entries - was 223,335. 

I'm sure I'll be back to give it another go over the weekend for the divisional round of games.

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