Saturday, September 04, 2021

Daffney Unger

It seems that I have a tendency to start posts about wrestlers' passing away by telling you how I came across the news. I'm going to do the same thing yet again in today's post, but this one is different. And a lot more tragic.

I visited the wrestling news website I frequent every morning and noticed that 'Daffney' was written on the list of things that the site's podcast was set to cover. 

Seeing as it was Thursday morning, I concluded that Daffney Unger - who wrestled in WCW and TNA many years ago - had popped up on Wednesday night's AEW Dynamite or something.

I didn't plan on listening to the podcast until after I had woken up properly, so went onto Twitter to find out the Daffney news.

It wasn't good.

I came across a video which showed the former wrestler in a state of distress. She had taken to Instagram and filmed herself sitting alone in a room and was extremely upset. Her phone was going off in the background. Likely from friend trying to help her. She wouldn't take those calls. In the short part I watched, I saw her claim that she was alone and that she wanted her brain sent to 'Boston' University which has has been extensively studying the affects of concussions for many years. 

There was a gun. I saw it briefly, but it was soon covered by a blanket as Daffney said sorry before conveying her wish for her brain to be donated for research.

And then the clip ended.

It appears as though the police had difficulty getting to her in time because she had recently moved. They found themselves at her former address. Then there was a report that the police had found the correct location, but there was trouble being allowed onto the premises.

It was hours later, maybe at around 5PM BST, when the news was confirmed. Shannon Spruill had died.

What a tragic way to go. 

That's really all I could - and still - think when I replay how Thursday went. 

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