Friday, August 06, 2021

Gambling On The 2021/22 Football Season

I placed my 2021/22 football season bet yesterday. 

Six teams were placed in a 10p each-way Lucky 63. If all six win their respective leagues, the gamble will return a little over £3,000.

I have gone with a couple of clubs that I usually root against in Fulham and Barcelona because of my support of Cardiff City and Real Madrid. 

A few years ago, I would have also noted backing Sunderland - the rivals of Newcastle United.

Here are all of the selections:

1. Chelsea to win the Premier League
2. Barcelona to win La Liga
3. Fulham to win the English Championship
4. PSG to win Ligue 1
5. Sunderland to win League 1
6. Salford City to win League 2

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Season Handicap Bets I've placed for 2021/22.

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