Saturday, August 14, 2021

Building Bets For The Premier League's 2021/22 Kick Off

The Premier League's 2021/22 season would have kicked off after this post is published. However, I am writing a few hours before Brentford versus Arsenal starts.

It seems like I have constantly teased running another betting series here on the blog in the days leading up to a new season. I have had ideas that have always turned out to be - for want of a better word - crappy.

The most recent idea I have been thinking about is doing a weekly bet builder. The best way I can describe these bets is they're accumulators for a single game. So, you can bet on things like there being over or under 2.5 goals, cards and everything else you would expect from in-game markets.

I was awarded two free bets from two betting sites I am a customer of. One of the freebies was for the Brentford .vs. Arsenal game and the other for Leeds versus Manchester United.

I chose to spend the two wagers on bet builders. Here's what I chose for both of them. Remember - the first game would have already been played, so you'll already know whether it has messed up or not.

Brentford .vs. Arsenal
1) Arsenal to win
2) Both teams to score
3) Over 0 Cards for both teams overall

Manchester United .vs. Leeds United
1) Both teams to score in both halves
2) Over 3.5 goals
3) Manchester United over 3.5 corners
4) Manchester United to win

As I said, I have a recent tendency to give these football betting ideas the heave-ho almost as soon as I come up with them. I would prefer there to be an opportunity to do NFL bet builders - I would 100% commit to a weekly series doing those.

For now - let's see how these regular football wagers go.

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