Saturday, July 24, 2021

Going For Gold On Wheels

Well - it's Saturday July 24th. 8:55AM BST to be precise and the Tokyo Olympics are now in progress.

I genuinely did not believe it would happen considering the state that Japan's capital has been in during the global pandemic we are in.

Every four years - in this case: five - I always look forward to watching some random Olympic sports. Things I would never watch regularly.

For example, I enjoy watching the shooting. I also look out for archery.

But - there is one sport I am keen to see play out in 2021 (or should that be 2020?).

Skateboarding is making its Olympic debut. As someone who had a very brief interest in the 'sport' during the 1980's, I think it's quite cool to see it now as an Olympic event. 

I hope the BBC airs some of it as I do not plan on purchasing a subscription to Discovery+, which is streaming the Games.

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