Monday, May 10, 2021

That Joke Isn't Punny Anymore

I started following a Twitter account a number of days ago. It ended up being a big mistake.

The reason why I followed the person is because they had, what I believed, constructed a funny tweet. It also looked like they were from my home city. I thought it would be an interesting follow considering how funny and local they are.

It then dawned on me that the person behind the account was just firing off puns every time they tweeted. 

Even though most were funny to read, the rest weren't. All this person did all day was tweet out puns. And I am 100% sure they were from a book anyway. 

After a few days, the decision was made.

I had to unfollow.

I had a look at the account just before writing today's post just to make sure. Yep - they're still around firing off the puns.

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