Monday, April 19, 2021

Sun Hill To Rise Again?

Over the weekend, I read a couple of news stories which stated that plans to bring back The Bill - or what we know as The Bill - are in development.

The Bill was a police drama series which ran on British TV from 1984 to 2010. Repeats of the series are still somewhat popular nowadays.

I would say I was slightly excited to read the news because there was a time in my life when - other than Australian soaps like Home and Away - The Bill was something I would go out of my way to watch whenever it was on.

With that said, I looked back at a post I wrote a day after the last episode aired in September of 2010. It made me realise that the last year or so of the series was quite repetitive. 

The series is apparently going to be called Sun Hill (the fictional area where Sun Hll Police Station is based in London) and will feature a few of the former characters being brought in to assist new staff at the station.

Considering it has been eleven years since the programme last aired, I'd consider it fair game to have a plethora of new people at a police station considering retirements, government cuts and more that every real station experiences as times go by.

I'll watch it. 

But only if it's on regular telly or a streaming service I subscribe to. 

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