Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter Sunday 1999

Here is the rabbit hole I found myself going down within the last ten minutes.

I was at my PC and wondered whether McDonald's was open today. I didn't have any plans to buy breakfast, I was just curious whether it would be considering it is Easter Sunday.

Whenever I think about shops being open on Easter Sunday, I always refer back to the time when I went to see the WWF at the Birmingham NEC on Easter Sunday of 1999.

On that day, I remember a gang of us went to a pub in Cardiff City Centre before the coach picked us up to take us to the venue. I recall a lot of shops open that day, so - whenever I think about shops being shut during Easter - the first example I think of is 1999.

Here's where things become even more funny. Even more so today.

I did a search to find out what date Easter Sunday was back in 1999. It was April 4th. Therefore, today is the twenty-second anniversary of that trip.

Here are the results from that night:

1) Christian beat Brooklyn Brawler
2) Gangrel won against the Blue Meanie
3) Goldust retained the Intercontinental Title against Edge and Kane
4) Triple H beat X-Pac
5) The New Age Outlaws won against Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (would be the last time I saw Owen wrestle live before he passed away)
6) Al Snow, D-Lo Brown and Ivory beat Hardcore Holly, Val Venis and Jacqueline 
7) The Undertaker won against the Big Bossman
8) 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Big Show defeated The Rock and Ken Shamrock

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