Wednesday, December 09, 2020

90.38 .vs. 89.60

I've found myself in such a silly situation in regards to my NFL Fantasy football team.

Last week, after finding out that the Baltimore Ravens' quarterback - Lamar Jackson - was out due to contracting Covid, I dropped him from my team entirely and added Matthew Stafford - from the Detroit Lions - instead.

To be fair - I wasn't really happy with the points that Jackson had scored for me this year, so I didn't have any regrets about not playing him again. After all - the fantasy season is almost over and I also didn't expect him to return for at least another week.

Well, that is no longer the case. Jackson will be back on the field for his team against Dallas in a little over an hour from when this post is published.

Why am I bothered? Well - the person I am opposing in this week's round of games picked up the player!

I am currently less than a point ahead of my rival for the week. I have no more players left to score for me. 

All Jackson has to do is get over .79 and it'll be another losing week for me. I may as well be realistic. 

I HAVE lost the week!

NFL Week 13 Fantasy Score

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