Saturday, December 26, 2020


If you read yesterday's post - which was the thirteenth annual Diet of Christmas Films - you would have seen me conclude the festive movie watching by saying I was going to catch A Christmas Story some time on December 25th.

I went further than that.

After watching the movie in the morning, I left the player running. After giving out all the foreign details after the credits, the DVD went to the title menu and then - after a couple of minutes - the movie restarted without any prompting from myself.

I then decided to do what America does and have the movie play non-stop through the day (it airs on TNT in the US throughout Christmas Day).

I didn't sit there and watch intently. I just had it on the background. Then - after a few hours - I decided the idea was no longer funny and I switched it off.

It made up for not watching the film at all leading up to Christmas Eve's cut-off for the December 25th post.

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