Monday, November 09, 2020

Undertaker Month Part II: The Day I Met The Deadman

My month of writing about The Undertaker continues with some words about the day I met the Deadman.

The WWE Network has been celebrating thirty years since The Undertaker made his debut. And, as part of the month-long celebration, one of the documentaries that is available to subscribers is Meeting The Undertaker.

In the thirty-plus minute film are interviews with people within wrestling who share stories about their first meeting with The Undertaker. Or, in some cases, Mark Callaway long before he became The Phenom.

I obviously don't work in the industry, but I have met Taker. I could write about meeting him, but there isn't really much I can offer. 

It was December 5th 1993. The WWF was in town for its first event in my city. I had an idea that they would be staying at the hotel across the way from the arena, so my friend and I went there in the hopes of meeting some of the wrestlers.

We were outside when the two coaches full of wrestlers and road agents got out. 

The Undertaker was on the bus that was full of babyface wrestlers. His opponent for the night - WWF Champion, Yokozuna - was on the heel bus.

I remember Taker was one of the guys I had wanted to meet the most from that tour. I recall watching for him to pick up his luggage - being in awe at how tall he was in contrast to me - and deciding I'd wait until he was inside the lobby to ask for a photograph with him.

And I did just that.

For some reason, I didn't ask for an autograph. I just wanted the pic with him. I got the better deal, but I sometimes wonder to myself whether I should have been a little more greedy with Taker's generosity and asked for his signature as well.

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