Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Don't Call It A Comeback, But...

Don't call it a comeback, but I am now 3-7 in the NFL fantasy football league I am a part of.

As I've covered now and again since the season began, I have been dreadful this season. At one stage, I thought I would end the season without a win (and I would have loved to have written about that, trust me!).

However, shortly after hoping I continued the losing streak, my team won a week.

It won in week nine and it did so again this past week.

My team scored a total of 105.46 points. My rival for the week was fairly close with 94.84.

The biggest mistake I made happened on Thursday night. I couldn't decide whether to play the Indianapolis Colts' running back - Nyheim Hines. When I made the decision to take him off the bench, I logged into my account and tried to make the adjustment only to be told that I couldn't,

I had missed the cutoff by seconds.

Hines went on to score 28.50 points.

It should go without saying that Hines will be on my team for week eleven.

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