Thursday, October 29, 2020

Predicting The TNF Week 8 Winner

My spreadsheet went 1-1 for last week's Thursday Night Football game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

The recommended plays were NYG +4.5 and the total number of points in the game to exceed forty-five. The actual score was 21-22 to the Giants. Therefore, the pointspread was covered but the totals play missed hitting the 'Over' by a field goal.

As of today, the spreadsheet is at a losing 4-6-1 for the season.

Today's game will see the Atlanta Falcons travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers. The system has Carolina to win the game by one point and for there to be fifty-one points scored in total.

Bookmakers have the line at 51, so this would mean that there will only be one recommended play for the game and that's on the pointspread winner.

The recommended play is:

Atlanta +2

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