Saturday, October 17, 2020

Big Brown Bear

I recently thought back to what I believe was the first horse I had a bet on just the other day and I ended up taking a trip down Memory Lane.

The horse of note was named Big Brown Bear. I looked it up and I picked it to win the 1987 Grand National. 

1987 Grand National

My research led to me to look up the results of the race. I was unsurprised to see that it was a 200/1 shot. It seems I was rooting for the underdogs all the way back then as well.

I knew I didn't win that bet. However, it looked like it ran a decent race coming thirteenth out of the forty runners.

After looking the race up, I decided to browse the 1988 National as well. I recall going to Big Brown Bear once again the following year.

The result was not so good this time. 

At 66/1, it didn't even finish the race after refusing to jump the twenty-seventh fence.

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