Wednesday, September 02, 2020

A Call From A Paypal Scammer

I received an extremely suspicious phone call a couple of days ago that I thought was worth dedicating a post to.

It was to my mobile phone. The person on the other end had an Irish accent and informed me he was from Paypal.

Before our conversation began properly, he said 'I'll need your Paypal username just so we know we're talking to the right person' - or words to that effect. 

My suspicions immediately triggered.

'You're calling me on my number, so you're gonna have to tell me that information and I'll tell you if it's right or not,' was my response.

'Well, you're going to have to change your number in your account' was the gruff reply I heard before he hanged up on me.

After the call, I keyed in the number on Google and found that a lot of people have had similar experiences to me. 

The worst thing about this con for those who might fall for it is the number IS associated with Paypal. I found this out by ringing it back. 

What must have happened is these scammers cloned the number so it looks legit on the call display, but they are anything but legitimate.

As funny as this might appear, I hope they ring me back just so I can try and grasp what their plot is.

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