Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Puzzling Times

Puzzle Magazines

One of the things I have done over this summer - when I haven't had anything else to do - is spend a few hours playing puzzles.

I started out by purchasing a crossword magazine and had a few goes at that. To be honest - I'm not that good at those kinds of puzzles, but I've enjoyed attempting them.

From there, I reacquainted myself with another kind of puzzle. One that I haven't played since my youth.

Criss Cross puzzles are word games in which you are given words and have to fit them into the right boxes on the page. To better explain what I mean, I'll add an image of one below.

As mentioned above, I first had a go at criss cross puzzles when I was younger. If I'm not mistaken, I did so on a family holiday because my dad bought a book for the flight. 

I recall being asked what kind of magazine I'd like for our holidays the following year and asking for one of those puzzle books.

I hadn't played another one until recently. At the risk of coming across as braggadocios, I believe that I am a lot better now than I was back then. 

To prove just how much I've thrown myself back into this criss cross thing, I've been timing myself to see how long it takes me to complete each game. Back then, I wasn't THAT much into challenging myself to see how well - or in some cases, not so well - I have done. 

Criss Cross Puzzles

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