Thursday, August 20, 2020

Back Dated

If you're a frequent visitor to my blog, you're bound to be aware that one of my annual traditions - as I prepare for upcoming American football seasons - is to purchase a handful of yearbooks.

My favourite title is the Marc Lawrence Playbook Handicapper's Yearbook. It has been a handy assistant for my gambling ever since I bought my first issue in 2009. 

I have bought it every year since.

After buying the first I first book, I have had an idea in the back of mind to keep record of the historical stats from each season and use is for my betting so that - in years from now - I will have a lot of information to have at hand to help me with my betting.

With my fear that there will not be a proper season in 2020, due to the worldwide pandemic, I thought now was the right time to get to work on the project.

Each issue has date dating back ten years. Therefore, seeing as I started with the 2009 issue, I have pointspread and totals records from 1999 right up to the most recent season.

I figured that one way to get even more information for my project was to hunt any older issues of the yearbook.

And I found one on eBay.

However, there was a problem. The seller didn't list the UK as a country he was willing to sell it to. 

A friend of mine had told me recently that, if I ever needed anything sent from the US, she would get it for me and send it across. I took her up on the offer and asked if she could buy the magazine and send it over to me once she had it.

Well, she did just that. And then some. A parcel with the 2002 Playbook issue - and many more goodies that I'll write about in the future - arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning.

This additional magazine in my collection now means that I will have a database filled with pointspread and totals history all the way from 1992 to the present day.

It's going to be a huge project and I know for sure that I won't get it completed before the start of the 2020 season (if it happens!). I do aim to have it all done by the 2021 Kick Off.

Marc Lawrence Playbook Handicappers Yearbook 2002

Before I close this post, I'd like to say thank you to the person who made this possible. Thank you!

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