Friday, July 10, 2020

Ready For Player Two

The sequel to Ready Player One is coming out later this year.

No, I'm not referring to a movie sequel. I'm on about the book.

Ready Player Two

I read the original novel, written by Ernest Cline, almost three years ago. As a child of the late-70's, who spent the majority of his childhood in the 1980's, I found it to be an enjoyable read.

That isn't to say that the book is based in the 1980's. It isn't. It's set in a dystopian future where people access a virtual reality world called the OASIS. 

The story of Ready Player One centres on Wade Watts, a user of the OASIS, who embarks on a mission that has been set up by the creator of the virtual reality world - James Halliday.

The prize of Halliday's task are half-a-trillion Dollars and the ownership of the OASIS.

Most of the eighties references in the novel are part of the clues the OASIS users come across when they try to reveal the Easter eggs as part of Halliday's game.

A movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, came out in 2018. I am glad I read the book first because A LOT was changed in the screenplay.

I'm interested to see how the second book furthers the story. I will certainly pick up a copy once it is released on November 24th.

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