Wednesday, July 22, 2020



That's what I thought when I found out that a couple of television programmes I like watching on Sky One are set to return to the channel this coming weekend.

I'm referring to MacGyver and SWAT.

Sky was set to air the latter a number of weeks ago, but - for some unknown reason - advertising was pulled and no new air date was revealed.

This will be the fourth season of MacGyver. 

There are usually between twenty-one and twenty-three episodes in a season, but - due to the pandemic - the season was cut short with only thirteen episodes completed.

As for SWAT - this will be its third season. Looking at the US airings, it appears as though only twenty-one episodes were made. This is kind of in the ballpark of the two previous seasons as the first had twenty-two eps and the second had twenty-three, but I think it would be safe to guess that the pandemic forced the season to conclude slightly earlier than planned.

MacGyver starts at 8PM followed by SWAT at 9PM on Sunday.

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