Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Contenders

There was an interesting thing going on Twitter over the weekend.

People were picking fights with celebrities that are thirty-one years older than them. The reason behind this trend was to mock Justin Bieber after he asked Tom Cruise for a fight a year ago.

I didn't take part in the Twitter fun, but I did look at the celebs I could have challenged. To stick to the rule, I had to target people who were thirty-one when I was born, just like Cruise was when Bieber arrived on this planet.

Some famous names born in 1948:

Samuel L Jackson - He'd probably kick my ass.
Grace Jones - She'd kick me in as well!
Prince Charles - I'd win, but would end up in a lot of trouble for beating up a member of the Royal Family
Terry Bradshaw - Hmm... I wouldn't challenge a multi-Super Bowl winner out of respect!
George RR Martin - He'd be too busy to fight me as he still hasn't finished writing Game of Thrones
Teller from Penn and Teller - I wouldn't want to fight him because he's brilliant!

One name did stick out to me, though. 

As a fan of the Rocky movies, I'd have to challenge Carl Weathers. Apollo Creed would probably beat me up, though!

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