Monday, June 01, 2020

NJPW World Sub Cancelled

I received an email from New Japan Pro Wrestling's streaming service - NJPW World - a few days ago. It informed me that my subscription had cancelled.

The service was disrupted because I use a prepaid Mastercard to pay the monthly fee. However, with everything going on the world and NJPW currently not doing any shows, I forgot to load up the card.

They must have tried to take a payment only to find I didn't have enough funds.

If this were to have happened at any other time, I would have waited until the next month and then sign back up. 

Not now, though.

I love NJPW World. I also love watching live professional wrestling whenever I can. 

As mentioned in mid-May, NJPW is planning to start running shows again soon. I'm going to wait until then before I sign back up.

With that said, I might wait a little bit longer than that. 

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