Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Central Park

I watched the first episode of a new Apple TV+ series over the weekend.

Not sure if I'll watch any more.

It's an animated musical comedy called Central Park and focuses on the lives of people who live in, and around, New York's famous area.

Central Park on Apple TV

In the first ep, we were introduced to the park caretaker - Owen - and his family.

Another character we are shown is an old lady who lives in a hotel overlooking the park. Her name is Bitsy Brandenham. It becomes clear - by the end of episode one - that she is the villain of the show as she wants to tear down the park and build retail spots on it.

A busker named Birdie acts as the show's narrator.

The reason why I doubt I'll watch any more of the episodes is because I am not keen on this kind of hunour. With that said, there were some moments in which I raised a weak chuckle.

It sure does have a strong cast, though. I usually don't know many names of actors in animated comedies, but I do recognise some of the actors who have voiced people on this show. For example, there's Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci and Kathryn Hahn.

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