Sunday, June 07, 2020

A Sad Football Story

Back during the winter and spring of 1995, I spent a good part of my spare time playing Championship Manager on my PC. 

For a completely random reason, I found myself Googling the name of one of the players that I signed for Cardiff City to find out what he was up to nowadays. Unfortunately, the results were not good at all.

The player was a man named Jason Kaminsky. Looking at his real club history, I guess I must have signed the striker from Nottingham Forest.

In Championship Manager - and especially for my team - he was a monstrous goal machine. He would always be the person I'd look to sign whenever I started a new game.

I've never seen him play in real-life, but - in that game - I loved watching him. Or rather seeing the text pop up on the screen when he was on the pitch. He scored plenty of goals for my side.

Sadly, Kaminsky passed away in 2005. The reason behind his death was apparently alcoholism that was bought on after his playing career came to an end.

Such a sad story.

However, when I looked up 'Jason Kaminsky' on Google, I did find something that was a cheery story. 

I found a post on Reddit in which the writer noted how Kaminsky was such a powerful player for his Championship Manager team. I genuinely thought I had written the post myself, but I obviously hadn't.

The fact that at least one other person out there has the same Championship Manager / Jason Kaminsky memory as me is very cool, if I say so myself.

It's just a shame that I came across it alongside the tragic story of the real-life person.

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