Friday, June 05, 2020

A Peculiar Mickey Mouse Mug

A few years ago, my mum bought my nephew a Mickey Mouse mug. After bringing it home, she took a closer look and thought that it looked peculiar to be an item from Disney.

She wanted to take it back to the shop, but I gave her the money for it because I wanted to keep the wacky item.

I took it out the other day just to have another look at it. 

Disney Mug

Look at that picture of Mickey. It just does not look like him. He looks mean. 

And if you want further proof. Take a look at who's on the other side of the mug.

Disney Mug

Donald Duck doesn't look his usual charming self here as well. Notice how he's throwing a punch at Mickey?

There are even Batmanesque 'KAPOW!' and 'BOOM!' words written across the mug that should hammer home the fact that Donald and Mickey are having a scrap.

Disney Mug

Very weird, eh? Like I stated at the start, it's just not Disney, is it?

Disney Mug

Or maybe I am wrong...

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