Sunday, March 01, 2020

St. David's Day Rant

It's a day I used to really dislike in my youth.

St. David's Day.

Not very patriotic of me, is it?

My high school used to do its own Eistedfodd, which was bizarre for a non-Welsh speaking school. Okay, there were Welsh classes, but I - and almost everybody in that school - found the events well, uneventful.

With that said, I regret not having learned Welsh properly only because my two nephews can speak the language.

I really hated that subject at school, though. A huge part of it was the teachers we had were not any good.

Seriously, I'm thinking back to all the ones I had and, apart from the first one who ended up going on maternity leave half-way through my first year, the others were - for want of a better word - terrible at teaching us.

I loved the day when we were allowed to get our parents to sign a form which allowed us to no longer be taught that subject.

Like I said, I blame a lot of that on the teachers we were given. I would have ran through fire for some of the great teachers I had at school, but the Welsh lot were dire.

It's not 100% their fault though. I take partial responsibility for not pushing myself enough to want to be taught by them.

Nice bit of a rant for St. David's Day, wasn't it?

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