Monday, February 03, 2020


There's one minute and twenty-five seconds left of the Super Bowl as I begin this post.

Kansas City has fought back to make it 24-20 after being 10-points down. They have possession of the ball.

It looks like it's their time.

It's now 30-20 to the Chiefs with 1:12 on the clock.

It looks even more like it's their time right now.

Kansas has scored the PAT to make it 31-20.

1:08 on the clock.

49ers have the ball.

No they don't. Interception.

It's all but over.

:57 on the clock.

Andy Reid has had his Gatorade shower. Orange for the prop bettors.

:05 on the clock. Chiefs timeout.

It's almost over.

It is now.

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