Monday, February 24, 2020

The Early Bird Catches The Disney+ Worm

I'm all signed up, paid and ready for the UK launch of Disney Plus.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that #DisneyPlusUK was trending. Knowing that the streaming service will begin in my country on March 24th, I was hoping that the date had been brought forward and that's why it was trending.

Well, the bad news - the date of arrival is still March 24th.

The good - and the reason why the UK launch was trending almost a month before the date - is because Disney is offering people the chance to preorder now and pay £49.99 for a year. Their subs will become active on the day of the launch.

I thought the offer was worth it considering a monthly subscription will be £5.99 and an annual will be £59.99 from UK launch day.

Disney Plus UK Launch Preorder

I've saved a tenner this way.

The deal expires on March 23rd, which is obviously a day before the launch when the £5.99/£59.99 prices kick in.

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