Thursday, January 02, 2020

The Finish Line

Ever since I signed up as a Netflix customer in the summer of 2017, I had been on a marathon of sorts to watch all of the streaming service's Marvel TV series'.

I've posted irregular updates whenever I've finished a season. These updates were spaced so far apart from each other because I am one of the worst binge watchers known to man.

Anyway, I have some news.

As of New Year's Eve, I am no longer running the race.

Yes, I finally got to the end of what was the final Marvel programme - season three of Jessica Jones.

So, after watching all of the programmes over the years, the rankings from favourite to least liked goes to:

1) Luke Cage
2) The Punisher
3) Daredevil
4) Jessica Jones
5) Iron Fist

To be fair, a few of those titles could have tied with each other in some spots. I also didn't bother ranking Marvel's Defenders as it was a crossover series including all of the characters (other than Punisher).

I'm now thinking about starting a new binge challenge for 2020. 

...which probably means I won't finish until late 2021!

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