Monday, January 13, 2020

The Super Bowl I'd Like To See: 2019/20 Edition

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs for the 2019 season were played over the last two nights and we now know which teams will compete in this coming weekend's conference championship games.

In the AFC, we have the Tennesse Titans travelling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs while - in the NFC game - Green Bay will meet the San Francisco 49ers.

Now that there are four teams left, I think it's time to do my semi-regular annual post titled 'The Super Bowl I'd Like To See' in which I rank the potential Super Bowl matches in the order I'd like to see them.

Starting with the least and leading to the match I'd like to see the most, we have:

4) Green Bay .vs. Tennessee 
Here's the thing - I don't mind if Green Bay wins the Super Bowl as I predicted it would be them or San Francisco, so I know one of them will be in with a chance. I like that Tennessee knocked out the New England Patriots, but not happy with them beating the team I thought would make it to at least this weekend's round - the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, I am a Colts fan so it's kind of hard to root for an AFC South team to get to the Super Bowl if it isn't Indianapolis.

3) San Francisco .vs. Tennessee
Nothing against San Francisco as I want them to win the Super Bowl more than any of the four left. It's just I don't want the Titans in the Super Bowl!

2) San Francisco .vs. Kansas City
Yes, I want San Francisco to be the Super Bowl champions, so it's kind of silly for me to have them in 3rd and 2nd on my wish list. However, there's a method to my madness...

1) Green Bay .vs. Kansas City
Why do I want Green Bay versus Kansas City? Well - I think it'll be a good game, but there's a lot more to this idea. This is the 100th season of the NFL. The 2019 season opened with Green Bay versus Chicago which is the league's biggest rivalry and I think it would be fitting for the season to close out with the Packers and Chiefs as that was the first Super Bowl match in 1967. On that January night, the Packers beat the Chiefs with a score of 35-10. So.. I wouldn't mind history repeating itself more than once with that match-up!

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