Friday, January 10, 2020

Grantchester Returns

The new series of Grantchester begins at 9:00PM tonight.

I found this out a couple of days ago when I was leafing through the TV guide. As soon as I noticed the programme was returning, it served as a reminder.

I hadn't finished last season.

The murder mystery series is based in the 1950/60 and stars Robson Green as a detective and, up until mid-way through the most recent season, James Norton as the local vicar who helps solve the crimes.

With Norton's popularity soaring, the actor moved on and they've introduced a new actor to play a new vicar.

This was when I decided to stop.

Anyway, after seeing the show was returning for season five, I looked at my cable box and noticed the three episodes I recorded last year were still there.

I'm all caught up.

To be fair, I shouldn't have quit. The new vicar brought with him an interesting backstory and he has already planted himself in with Green's character to help out with the crimes that go on in Grantchester.

I'm all Grantchester'd out for the day, though. I can't watch the new episode until the weekend!

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