Friday, December 20, 2019

Stick Or Twist?

Today was the 354th day in the 2019 edition of my scratchcard experiment in which I've played one card a day just to see how well - OR NOT SO WELL - this idea is.

The 2018 edition saw me lose £191. As for this year? Well, I am currently £154 in the hole.

I now have to decide whether to continue for another year. It is a fun challenge, but I find that the main enjoyment is looking out for new cards once they've launched.

If I were to be honest, I am leaning more on the side to stick with it. I'm not in this thing believing I have a chance of hitting a jackpot, but I am in it for fun and I do get that.

There are a few days left for me to decide whether to stick or twist. I have enough cards to carry me into mid-January anyway. Maybe the decision has already been made...

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