Saturday, December 14, 2019

Another Scammer Claiming To Be From BT

I've just had another scam call made to my home phone number.

The person claimed to be from BT and she was going on about my Internet connection. While she was relaying her story, I was too busy thinking of what to say to her to wind her up. Anyway, after the story, she told me to go to my PC and this is where the story gets funny.

Fake BT: Are you in front of your computer?
Me: Yes.
Fake BT: What do you see?
Me: A porno website.
Fake BT: (surprised?) excuse me, what do you see?
Me: A porno website I was visiting before you called.
Fake BT: Close the window.
Me: Okay...
Fake BT: Now, look at your keyboard and on the bottom left row is the control key what is next to it?
Me: The eff enn (sic) key.
Fake BT: What is next to that?
Me: The Windows key
(In hindsight, I should have said the function key just to wind her up even more!)
Fake BT: You need to hold down the Windows key and R.
Me: Okay..
Fake BT: Are you doing that? What do you see?
Me: I can't tell you what I see, but I'll tell you what I hear... I hear a scammer trying to con me.
Fake BT: You're wasting my time.
Me: You should have known that the moment I told you I was on a porn website!!
Fake BT: You're wasting my time... MR TAYLOR (Hangs up)

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