Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day

Whenever I think of Boxing Day from my childhood, I find myself recalling the visits to my next door neighbours' home. Especially when their grandchildren were young. We'd visit them and play there for part of the day.

I always remember when it was time to go home as - to me - that was the sign that Christmas was almost over.

The thing that I knew for sure when Christmas has passed us by was the Sunday before we had to go back to school. 

God, I used to hate that feeling! 

I don't have those times or the emotions anymore. My neighbours have passed away and their grandchildren have grown up. One of them has a child of their own now. That's how far gone those times are.

Nowadays, Christmas is over as soon as I wake up on Boxing Day morning. 

I'm not sad about it. My focus for enjoyment is now on the New Year celebration. Then it'll be on the NFL playoffs. Then it'll be the Royal Rumble. Then it'll be the Super Bowl.

Before I know it, I'll be looking forward to Christmas again.

And then the post-Christmas process will be repeated...

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