Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Triumph To Tragedy

Even though I had a good start to the NFL season by picking the Green Bay Packers to beat the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, the end of the week turned into a disaster.

I lost every single bet I placed on Sunday's games.

I had Tampa Bay -1 to beat San Francisco. They lost 31-17.

Next up, I had the New York Giants as +7 dogs to Dallas. They didn't cover as they were obliterated 35-17.

The final team I had was Pittsburgh. They were +5.5 against the New England Patriots in the last game on Sunday night,

The score? 33-3 to the champs.

I told friends I liked the chance of the Oakland Raiders winning against Denver on Monday Night Football. They were +2.5 home underdogs, but I chose to cut my losses for the week and didn't bother to bet.

Oakland won 24-16.

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