Monday, September 23, 2019

Fantasy Fluke Ball

When all is said and done for this week, my NFL fantasy football team could be 3-0 so far for the season.

I was fluky in this week's round. Very, very fluky.

Whilst browsing through my list of players during the middle of the early games, I noticed that my tight end - Cleveland's David Njoku - had been placed on injured reserve.

My other TE - Tyler Eifert - was already playing, so I couldn't move him into my team. Therefore, I dropped Njoku and added Seattle's Will Dissley to my team and, ultimately, the lineup.

The Seahawks played later that night. My new player scored a touchdown and received for sixty-two yards. This earned me 12.20 points.

Had I not realised that Njoku was on IR, I would have had zero points from the tight end position for this week.

And just to highlight how much of a fluke I was, take a look at how close I won against this week's opponent.

He had 108.04 while I had 109.34.


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