Monday, April 01, 2019

The Calls

I had another phone call from a scammer claiming to be Windows Tech Support this morning.

I didn't have enough time to mess around with them today, so all I did - when he was giving me his opening spiel - was stop him and say, 'You know you're talking to DT Computers?'

He didn't get me, so asked me to repeat.

I then said 'This is DT Computers - a computer company'.

He put the phone down. I chuckled and went about my day.

Or so I thought.

Within an hour of the call, the telephone rang again. While walking to the room with the phone, I thought to myself 'maybe I should answer as DT Computers just in case it's him again'. But I didn't.

The caller on the other end claimed to be BT. He didn't sound Indian though. He sounded more Chinese. It was here I realised it was a family member trying an April Fool's Day joke on me.

'Hi Dad!' I exclaimed.

'Damn..' was the response.

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