Tuesday, April 09, 2019

National 2019

It took three days before I realised that one of the horses I backed for the Grand National placed.

I made five £1 each-way bets on Saturday's race. There was an offer on with one of the firms and it paid back half of my stakes for all races. So, I spent a tenner and received five pounds back.

What I usually do with the National is pick names rather than look at form, colours, and everything else you can think of. I ended up with: Rock the Kasbah, Tea For Two, Up For Review, Warriors Tale and Anibale Fly.

It was the last horse on the list which turned out the winner.

Or rather the one which came close enough to the winner!

I ended up with £4.50 back into the account. Add that to the £5 I had back from my £10 total bets and that makes it a 50p loss for the race.

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