Saturday, March 16, 2019

Cheltenham Week 2019: The Aftermath

What an end to a week of betting.

If you were following, I started off the first day with a loss of £38.20 and then began to turn things around on Wednesday and Thursday.

It all came down to yesterday. I started off the day at -£49.28 for the week.

I lost £2 on the first race.

Returned £32.80 from my bet on Ch'tibello in the 2:10.

Lost £4 in the 2:50.

Managed to get away with 40p profit when Native River came fourth in the Gold Cup at 3:30.

The 4:10 race saw my pick Shantou Flyer finish second earning me £1.20 profit.

I then lost another £4 in the penultimate race leaving me at -£6.88 for the week with Early Doors in the 5:30 my last hope.

It won. I made £12 profit from that bet.

At the end, I came out of yesterday with +32.40 profit. It was enough to push me back into the black and I closed out at +9.12.

Bring on 2020.  But not yet.

Cheltenham 2019 Betting

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