Saturday, February 02, 2019


Today is the day when I'll find out if two NFL bets that I placed over the summer will win.

Or rather it'll be the early hours of tomorrow morning, but work with me here.

Over in the US tonight, the NFL will host its ceremony to honour the most recent season with awards being dished out to the league's MVP (Most Valuable Player) amongst others.

The awards I am the most interested in are the Comeback Player and Coach of the Year.

I have Indianapolis' Andrew Luck to be the comeback player. If he doesn't win, after the season he has had after spending the entire 2017 season injured, then I would be very surprised.

Frank Reich - Indianapolis' head coach - was my bet to win the coach of the year. The Colts started off at 1-5, but managed to turn things around and make the playoffs.

That's good.

But to add more to the 'story', that the Associated Press might look for when voting, Reich was not the Colts' first choice to become head coach. He was only given the job after Josh McDaniels ditched the club at the altar hours after it was announced that he would take up the role.

As mentioned, the Associated Press are the voters here, I think the story of Reich being at best a second choice to take up the head coaching gig at Indy is something writers would salivate over. However, looming in the background of the Reich/Colts fairytale is an ogre in the form of Chicago's Matt Nagy who turned an abysmal team into NFC North division champions in his first year as a head coach.

It's definitely out of Nagy and Reich. And it's in that order, if I have to be realistic. As for the comeback player - I am confident that one will be Luck.

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