Thursday, February 07, 2019

Bad Timing, Nantes

This could be a case of sticking by my local club, but I thought it was quite crass of Nantes to try and begin legal proceedings against Cardiff City to force the club to pay its first installment for Emiliano Sala.

The player, who signed for Cardiff City forty-eight hours before vanishing whilst travelling in a plane over the English Channel, was bought for fifteen million pounds.

Following the tragedy, Cardiff City said it would halt paying its first installment to Nantes until things became more clear. However, the club did state that it would pay up in the long-run.

The timing is dreadful. Nantes did this right around the time when a body was being pulled up from the seabed. 

I knew it would get messy eventually. I didn't think it would be this soon, though.

As I write this, the vessel carrying the body of either Sala or the pilot - David Ibbotson - has arrived back from its mission and will pass whoever it is over to a coroner. 

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